Hans Petersen Art 

Hans is well known as one of the leading photographers of Holland. He has earned his reputation for shooting highly styled fashion/glamorous photographs, editorial series and covers of many beautiful models and Dutch celebrities since twenty years.

As an advertising photographer and brand-making photographer, many fashion brands and clothing companies hired him as an expert branding and campaign photographer. But during his career he never stopped developing his own private artwork. Until recently this only excisted in his archive and on his harddisks. All that time the visualartist "hans" was not seen. 
So now it's time to show it to the world. Have a look at his artwork and be amazed, curious, excited and fall in love with it !


A good old friend of mine told me to do this more than 20 years ago. I didn╩╝t listen to him and I am glad I took this road, it made me a master in photography and digital image manipulation. Back in high school I studied art history and started drawing. After graduating from the school of arts in The Hague I started assisting quite a few different well-known Dutch photographers in different fields of
By that time I thought taking pictures was faster than drawing, not knowing what I know now! When I started on my own I made a mixture out of all and worked for 25
years as a commercial photographer. I loved all the jobs I did, loved the people I worked with and for and I loved the traveling, meanwhile I became quit known for what I did. I have shot big production commercial campaigns, worked for high-end
Dutch magazines with well-known Dutch Celebrities.

Hans, (18-05-1963)

Raised in Rotterdam/The Netherlands and started his career some 30
years ago. But the love for photography began earlier. As a small boy he
learned from his grandfather, who was an artist, to look closely at things.
His grandfather taught him drawing and Hans studied forms, perspectives
and the basics of photography.


The passion for photography grew and after the Royal Academy of fine
arts in the Hague Hans started his professional career. He gained valuable
experience from famous Dutch photographers. Think of Dirk Karsten, Jan
Francis, Roger Neve and Marcel van de Vlugt. By seeing different talents at
work, Hans picked up the best pieces of the art.

Technique and aesthetics

Hans photographs digitally from the first moment which made him a master in Image manipulation. He does have the technical skills that guarantee ultimate pictures, in any form. On paper or on the screen. In addition, he has a keen eye for beauty and detail.
His talent was soon discovered. From his studio in Amsterdam he travelled all over the world, for clients from the fashion & beauty industry as well as for large advertising agencies. But also for titles like Playboy, FHM and Maxim.

Hans Petersen, visual artist

Around 2010 Hans began, next to his commercial assignments, to focus more and more on free work. In his art he can give free rein to his talent and technical skills. Hans regards the computer as a dark room for his photography and painting tool for his art.

Layers and materials

In his studio Hans experimented with the rich capabilities of the computer as an artistic medium. He discovered the power of digital work in combination with different materials, finished with high-gloss liquid gloss the art works of Hans Petersen are constructed as paintings, in several layers. He uses photography, painting and mixed media. Sometimes he puts text in to steer the thoughts of the viewer in a certain direction.

Hans Petersen

I am a Dutch Visual-artist/Fine-art photographer.
Shooting over more then 25 years, and still love what I do. I am enjoying
the best job of the world. Meanwhile I never stopped making private work.
Until recently this only existed in my archive and on my harddrives. Now
it's time to show what I love to do most !

website : www.hanspetersen-art.com
email : hanspetersenart@gmail.com
phone : +3196025067979