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Tamás lives and works on Ibiza since 2002. He is published world wide, magazines like Vogue and Elle featured his photographs, and Nikon and Canon have honoured him with prestigeous awards.
His background in painting and sculpturing have given him an eye for detail that is easily recognized when looking at his photographs. Tamás has experienced that the natural light on Ibiza is of a special quality and he has found a way to bring this to life in his enchanting images.
"When I was a little boy, in the Netherlands, I could draw animals and people in more detail than anyone else in my class, but when I tried to colour them in, I could never stay within the lines. This turned out to be the story of my life.
After many years having been engaged in making art, I figured out that it was not my ‘thing’ to paint and  culpture on my own in one place. I liked to be out with people. It was also more fun to be busy with light, colours, shapes and composition.

For me, to connect with others is a dynamic, unique and unpredictable experience, which I find very exciting.
I found out that I can explore all these aspects through being a photographer. So I decided to become one. It was..........like a duck takes to water.

I am a happy and open person, who loves his family, cats and dogs and who feels blessed to work and live on beautiful Ibiza, for already 16 years.
Every day I am in contact with the things I love in life.....the relaxed white island vibe with its colourful people, and to know tomorrow will never be the same
as today, without borders!
As a hobby, I still enjoy sculpturing and painting."


Tamás Kooning Lansbergen


Tel +34 690 363 188

Mail: tamas@ibiza-photography.com