Opsetims Exclusive Kids Furniture is 20 jaar geleden opgericht door Erwin Smit, vader van twee dochters. De ideeën die hij had over kindermeubelen hebben geleid naar zijn eigen meubelmerk: Opsetims.
Een bed dat een veilige plek voor een kind biedt, waar je, naast slapen, je kan terugtrekken, relaxen en dagdromen.
Je herkent een item van Opsetims direct: een uniek design, duurzame kwaliteit en een meubelstuk dat warmte uitstraalt door het handgemaakte ‘old fashion’ timmerwerk.

De Opsetims meubellijn bestaat uit meer dan alleen bedden voor baby’s, tieners en volwassenen. Zo hebben wij ook bureau’s, stoelen, wandrekken, commodes, nachtkastjes en (kleding)kasten in de collectie.

Opsetims started about ten years ago, because I couldn’t really find any nice beds for my children. I wanted something special and all the images I had in my mind eventually led to beds that I made myself. Opsetims was born and my mission then is still going strong today. A bed should be so super fantastic for a child that it is the centrepiece of a room. A safe place where a child, apart from sleeping, can daydream and hang out. It has to have a nostalgic look, but not stuffy. Beds, so pretty that when children look at them, they say: Wauw!

From a small carpentry business Opsetims has grown into an International company who operates all over the world. Yet, my philosophy never changed over the last 12,5 years.
You immediately recognize a piece of furniture from Opsetims: unique designs, good descent quality with warmth and a lot of old fashioned handmade carpentry. The ornaments on the furniture are all handmade.

All beds are certified and that means that you not only buy a beautiful bed, but also a guaranteed safe bed. When you choose for Opsetims, you choose warmth, safety and happiness. Isn’t that what every child deserves?

Step into their little worlds and let the child in yourself decide.


I have now completed a whole range of children furniture. Baby beds, beds for teens, beds that grow with you through live, with cupboards to match. I make chest of drawers that can be rebuild to cupboards. Al my furniture is named after children who are important in my life and have inspired me to design these pieces of furniture.

Erwin Smit 




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