Ibiza Dreams

From the very first time we’ve visited Ibiza - where we celebrated Eric’s birthday while attending a wedding from close friends - we fell in love with this beautiful island. The sense of complete freedom, harmony, balance and the joy that locals radiate gave us that carefree feeling that is so typical Ibiza. We wanted to share this unique energy that belongs to the soul of this island and created a sweet memory for you to take home with you or enjoy while you’re visiting this amazing island.


We have a weak spot for indulgence. Whether it's a pampering, fine chocolate or a spot of bubbly, we can't help ourselves. So it made sense combining our favorite indulgences together could only make for a heightened romp through blissdom.

The result?
Sparkling chocolate in a Bottle ® - The Beach Dreams Edition


Chocolate in a Bottle ® – The Beach Dreams Edition is a perfect match for the best moments in life. It’s a match made in heaven, which combines the natural flavors of cocoa and hazelnuts mixed with chardonnay grapes.

Pop the cork off a bottle of Beach Dreams and you’ll find there’s magic in your glass of sparkling wine. Chocolate in a Bottle ® has the mystical ability to heighten any moment, be it an enjoying moment with best friends or even a nervous proposal for marriage or a toast over a business victory. Every sip has the refreshing acidity to awaken the palate and nourish your soul.

Enjoy your glass of Chocolate in a bottle ® – The Beach Dreams Edition

Esther en Eric Bruinsma